Process Optimization

The road to success is a highly functional and consistently refined and organized production platform.

TTC offers a software solution that provides an effective working basis; offering the best possible overview of costs, while maintaining an exact current status of each production order.

When compared to other providers in this field, the cost is substantially more economic from a cost basis comparison.  The cost and annual maintenance is marginal.  The system is independent from any licenses, and is not billed per independent seat or work station.

This PDA software has been developed for an owner-lead business:  small and medium-sized businesses up to 200 employees.  The software supports the business with optimal organization and a transparent overview of the complete production chain. It provides employees with the best organized method for their staged orders via production lists. This includes all of the targeted periods and information necessary per job.

This software solution offers a real-time evaluation of all orders.  This includes currently incurred costs, and the current state and stage of each manufacturing process.  These are extremely beneficial tools for evaluating each and every area of the operational task flow.

The ease in functionality correlates to each individual order, and may easily identify and track as the system designates a DIN ISO certification.

With this system, it is extraordinarily easy to implement a paperless manufacturing environment as never before. All the data is stored within the system and is easily accessible at any time by any employee, with the appropriate and authorized access rights as designated.  Drawings, paper orders, information from the planning and production stages are initially loaded as accurately refined data, and are not accompanying or recurring documents, which eliminates processing or interpreting errors.

Through optimal planning and the avoidance of unnecessary downtime, the delivery/lead time will be significantly reduced along with associated manufacturing costs.  Processing time and the re-registry of an order is recognized and updated based on the actual, not estimated data.  The actual manufacturing costs of a specific job is refined and greatly simplified by this software solution as it accurately reflects real time and costs promptly.

At the same time, the software package provides all important modules for the administrative area, such as personnel, purchasing, sales, inventory and time recording. The software was developed specifically to optimize production with little effort, and is easy to manage and supervise.

Once a business has examined a demonstration and used the system we guarantee that you will want to proceed with it, due to the straightforward, logically structured operational aspects, and easy-to-find data.