Our Philosophy

Tooling Technology Center, LLC has been founded with the idea of establishing a new degree of support, directed towards manufacturers and customers (end users) of the metalworking industry.  TTC specifically focuses on the design and optimization of your machining applications and manufacturing processes. Our origins stem from an entrepreneurial cutting tool manufacturer, which utilized the industry’s most technically advanced equipment and methods. We are highly educated and experienced within the manufacturing industry and we are specifically focused on the needs of our customers.  Our clients are primarily cutting tool and component manufacturers, and it is within this manufacturing industry that we offer our best services and solutions.

Within the manufacturing sector, TTC works with a uniquely specialized PDA software to—if desired—implement a paperless manufacturing environment.  The options offered within this solution  based software, produces with clarity, well defined evaluations and a complete record of all of the processes within the plant.  This makes every sequence of the production progressively efficient.

From experience, we know that there are significant cost savings resulting from the correct selection, design, and implementation of the proper use of tooling.  Each particular application is unique and specific to each and every metal processing and production plant.  Alternatively, there is always room for improvement in each and every manufacturing environment, and TTC brings an extensive amount of experience to deploy while utilizing the industries most effective and up to date technologies, which further enhance performances and end results.

In reference to special tooling, Tooling Technology Center, LLC sees itself as a link between the tool manufacturers and the end users.  TTC will work intimately with the manufacturer during the design and planning stages, on to programming and production phases, and through to the application of the specialized product, and finally with the documentation of all aspects of the Cost Savings Process.  The primary focus of TTC in this respect is the right tool for the task.  The engineered design will deliver optimal and sustainable results, regardless of any specific tool manufacturers, and TTC will select the appropriate manufacturer to meet the specifications and challenges and produce the desired results.  Our concern is the proper application of the appropriate tool to achieve the best possible performance, while establishing a benchmark of maximum efficiency for the particular application. We consider the entire process including, but not limited to: the machine, work holding, tooling, tool holding and operating parameters.

We see ourselves as partnering with the customer in solving manufacturing problems as we incorporate all of our knowledge and experiences into each and every project.  We do not want the customer to change; we merely want to design their processes so that they reach optimum efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Our satisfaction comes from the satisfaction of our customers.