Optimization of Tools

The focus of TTC is to be on site with the customers, at their side, and to optimize the processes of their current manufacturing methods.  With new projects, TTC will partner with our clients in the early stages of planning and processing to specifically develop the required methodology to provide unique and specialized tooling designs and solutions.  TTC will additionally specify and incorporate detailed manufacturing sequences, for a smooth and efficient execution of a refined strategy, resulting in process improvements and tooling performance optimization.

This “Optimization Approach” that TTC will initiate and support is the result of careful baseline evaluations of the current measurable processes. It is through analysis and accurate documentation that TTC offers their clients action plans, containing specific suggestions for notable and measurable improvements. With the approval and support as outlined within the customer agreement, the customer’s objectives and manufacturing process improvement goals become a reality.  TTC selects and incorporates the best applicable components, producing the very best solutions possible, regardless of specific tool manufacturers. TTC will suggest and apply the very best suited tooling for each and every application, because the enhanced process improvements we offer our customers is our primary focus.

All action plans will contain outlined incremental and detailed improvement process steps that are documented and made available to all of our customers, in this way the customer knows what to expect.  By establishing these expectations, the customer will arrive at the same measurable results, because they will be constantly informed of the progress from their initial current baseline.

The customer will be able to easily track the progress of the improvement process from the beginning, which is designed specifically and tailored to their individual needs and requirements.  By adhering to the requirements and outlined instructions concerning the use of our tools, the repeatability and established expectations will be met by the customer. It is through this adherence to the optimization policy that we can ensure that the maximum efficiency is achieved for each and every individual application.

The services offered by TTC initially do not cost the prospective customer any up-front costs.  We offer the customer an optimization solution of their own processes, and so generate cost savings.  Once the desired improved measurable results are met, per contract for the incorporated component costs recovery, a portion of the projected annual cost savings is paid to TTC for the delivery of the realized improved results and increased profitability for the client.  It is advantageous for both parties as both achieve a win-win situation considering the customer has to bear no up-front or on-going costs, especially knowing that the results and cost savings are delivered up front.  These results can also be considered as cost avoidances for the future.  

All action plans and activities will be planned and executed jointly with and in the interest of the customer.