NUMROTO Training

Tooling Technology Center (TTC) understands the difficulties today’s tool manufacturing company has in finding well-trained employees for the most demanding tasks.  Most importantly, it is difficult to hire an individual that already has the skillset to manage your modern tool grinding machinery and its specific tool grinding software.  

If the employees have limited knowledge in the areas of machine operation and tool geometry programming, the company may suffer financially for many months, maybe years.  Machine collisions, delays in the tool manufacturing process or scrapping of customer’s tools, all affect the ability to keep the customer as a satisfied customer.

TTC’s objective is to provide the tool manufacturer with an efficient connection between the operator and the correct knowledge associated with the complete tool grinding process.  We achieve this by removing the operator from his day to day job in the shop and placing him in our controlled and focused environment.  The training program involves the joining of the company specific requirements to that of TTC’s proven methods.  Since every individual may progress at a different rate, TTC will closely monitor the individual and adapt the level of training accordingly. TTC will also offer the same training curriculum at your corporate location, if you prefer.

TTC’s training program is based exclusively on the NUMROTOplus software.  NUMROTOplus can be found on many machines throughout the world and is considered to be the most powerful software available in the market today.  The software can easily manage all types of tools, from basic to the most complicated.

Beginning with a systematic review of pre-technical skills in safety, drawings, measurements and inspection, the curriculum takes students, step by step, through the fundamentals of tool grinding and the manufacturing process.  All training sessions will be carried out in groups of 4 persons or less in order to achieve the best possible result for each apprentice.

Smaller companies in this industry may think that such training will be a big step and will question the return on investment.  Therefore, TTC can offer a training curriculum that is customized for the client and at a minimal cost.

We increase the company’s manufacturing output by expanding the knowledge of the staff with a well-rounded, proven method and a better understanding of the tool producing technology.

TTC understands the needs and concerns with respect to these challenges.